• Driving Licence - You must produce a full valid driving licence which you have held for a minimum of two years at the time of rental. Overseas visitors must produce a licence which is valid in their own country and, where appropriate a international driving permit. Certain endorsements are accepted at the company’s discretion.

• Identification - Two forms of identification will be required at the time of rental. i.e. passport, present utility bill, bank statement

• DVLA Driver code - You must produce your DVLA driver code at the time of hire. Details available within this website.

• Age Limits –

CAR HIRE Customers must be aged between 22 – 74 years.                        
VAN HIRE Customers must be aged between 22 - 74 years.                        
NON-UK licence holders MUST be over 25 years of age                        

ALL drivers must have held a full licence for 2 years.

• Insurance – All our vehicles are fully comprehensively insured. (excluding goods in transit) Hirers are responsible for the first £1000 of any damage incurred. Optional excess waiver insurance may be taken out at time of hire to protect you.

• Deposits – The estimated cost of rental and insurance is payable at the commencement of hire, together with £100 security deposit which will be refunded on the termination of hire.

• Payment – All hire charges and deposits must be made by either debit or credit card.


Lessor (herein called Victoria Hire Limited). Hereby rents to Hirer the motor vehicle described overleaf (herein called the Vehicle) from the date and time stated overleaf until the return of the vehicle into the physical custody of Victoria Hire Limited (herein called the rental period), subject to all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Should the person signing this agreement not be the Hirer, he or she warrants that they are authorised to sign for the Hirer and by doing so is jointly and severally liable with the Hirer under this agreement.


Hirer will return the Vehicle, with all tyres, tools, accessories and equipment, in the same condition as when received, normal wear and tear expected, to Victoria Hire Limited on the date and time specified overleaf or sooner if demanded by Victoria Hire Limited (such demand not to be made without reasonable cause). If Vehicle is not returned when required or if Victoria Hire Limited have agreed that the Vehicle can be returned or off-hired outside business hours. Hirer will remain responsible for the Vehicle and all charges until a member of Victoria Hire Limited staff has inspected it on our premises.


Hirer must:

(a) inspect the Vehicle at the start of the hire and notify Victoria Hire Limited of and defect which will then be recorded. If no notification is given, it will be presumed that the Vehicle is complete and in good condition, fit for the intended purpose and in every way satisfactory to the Hirer;
(b) use the Vehicle in a reasonable manner;
(c) ensure that the correct fluid levels (e.g. oils, coolant) and tyre pressures are maintained, or make Vehicle available to Victoria Hire Limited for such checks;(d) permit Victoria Hire Limited to carry out or arrange any necessary repairs, servicing or maintenance;(e) ensure that the Vehicle is secure when unattended, taking all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage (see 3(k) & (1);(f) when overseas, ensure that no unauthorised persons gain entrance to the Vehicle and check that no-one is concealed within prior to departing for UK. Hirer must not:(g) sell, offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge or treat the Vehicle, it’s tools, equipment or parts, in any  way that is inconsistent with Victoria Hire Limited ownership, or allow any lien to arise except as concerns repairs authorised to the Vehicle.(h) modify or after the Vehicle or fit any accessories without Victoria Hire Limited consent. Where Victoria Hire Limited give such consent or fit extra equipment, it is Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that it is  correctly fitted and remains secure at all times;(i) remove or exchange any part of the Vehicle or it’s accessories;(j) remove or interfere with any of the Vehicle’s identification marks or plates, or permit such interference. Vehicle must not be used:(k) for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward;(l)  knowingly for any unlawful purpose or in an unlawful manner;(m) to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer without Victoria Hire Limited consent. Where Victoria Hire Limited give such consent, Victoria Hire Limited shall not be liable for any damage to towed vehicle or trailer or the contents thereof. Hirer is responsible for the provision and fixing of a suitable number plate when towing;(n) for racing, pace making, reliability trails, speed testing or driving tuition;(o) to carry a number of passengers and/or baggage which overloads the Vehicle or, in the case of commercial vehicles, a payload that exceeds the maximum payload or individual axle weights;(p) by any person other than those approved by Victoria Hire Limited and named overleaf;(q) by any person outside the restrictions of Victoria Hire Limited insurance policy;(r) in a manner that would render void the insurance policy under which the Vehicle is operating;(s) without cover under the Hirer’s Operators Licence where appropriate;(t)  outside the United Kingdom without Victoria Hire Limited prior written consent.(u) for carrying animals  without Victoria Hire Limited consent. If consent is given, Hirer must provide suitable protection and will be responsible for any damage or cleaning charges arising.


Hirer is personally liable to pay Victoria Hire Limited: Rental Charges(a) hire, collision damage waiver, mileage and miscellaneous charges at the rates specified by Victoria Hire Limited; (b) the cost of fuel required to fill the Vehicle on return, together with any refuelling charge; (c) a cleaning charge if the Vehicle needs more than our standard valet on return; Deposit(d) a deposit from which Victoria Hire Limited will deduct fuel and other outstanding charges. Where the  Hirer leaves a deposit in the form of a debit/credit card authority, Victoria Hire Limited have the right to debit the card to the value to the value required without prior notice to the Hirer; Damage Repair Charges(e) the cost of repairing any damage to the Vehicle, however caused (limited by CDW, see 4);(f)  the cost of repairing roof or tyre damage in all circumstances;(g) the cost of repairs to damage arising whilst driver is under the influence of drink or drugs;(h) the cost of repairs to damage caused by the carriage of animals;(i)  the cost of repairs to damage arising from the wilful action of the Hirer or his agent, or incorrect  fuel or other substance being put into the vehicle;(j) all callout or recovery charges arising from chargeable damage or other incidents that Victoria Hire Limited cannot be held responsible for, e.g. running out of fuel, losing keys or getting the vehicle stuck, or where a callout is found to be unnecessary; Theft or Loss(k) the full value of the Vehicle if stolen during the hire period if the Hirer has (i) elected to insure the  Vehicle or (ii) not returned the keys to Victoria Hire Limited;(l) the full value of keys, accessories or equipment lost or not returned with the Vehicle; Penalty Charges(m) all fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offences incurred during the rental period, including import duty and immigration offences;(n) any fines or charges arising from the seizure or impounding of the Vehicle by the Vehicle Inspectorate, HM Customs and Excise, Immigration Service, or any other authorised body;(o) reasonable administration charges for dealing with penalties; Loss of Use(p) a loss of revenue charge, based on 60% of Victoria Hire Limited published price, for the period the Vehicle remains unavailable for hire as a result of damage, theft or impounding. Interest(q) if Hirer fails to pay Victoria Hire Limited on time, interest will be added to the sum due at the rate of 4% a year over the base lending rate of HSBC Bank from time to time.
VICTORIA HIRE Limited INSURANCE Except where the Hirer has chosen to insure the Vehicle, Hirer participates as an insured driver under Victoria Hire Limited motor vehicle insurance policy (available for inspection on request) and agrees to observe the terms and conditions thereof. This policy contains limited cover against public liability for death and/or bodily injury to third parties, including passengers, and cover for damage to the third party property, subject to financial limits. Neither Victoria Hire Limited nor Victoria Hire Limited insurers can be held liable for any claims made by drivers for (i) personal injury or (ii) damage to their own property. Collision Damage Waiver Hirer is responsible for the Insurance Excess every time the Vehicle is damaged or stolen. Except for items 3(f) to 3(l) which are not covered by the CDW, Hirers liability shall not exceed the maximum liability shown overleaf and shall be reduced to the lower excess amount if Hirer has agreed in advance to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver by initialling the ‘CDW Accepted’ space overleaf.
5. HIRER’S OWN INSURANCE Where the Hirer has chosen to insure the Vehicle and obtained permission from Victoria Hire Limited to do so, the Hirer shall:(a) produce full details of valid insurance prior to the start of the hire;(b) ensure that cover is maintained throughout the rental period;(c) be responsible for all damage or losses incurred during the rental period and pay full cost of all claims (3(e), (k) & (p) and any policy excess directly to Victoria Hire Limited; (d) remain liable for all claims that are disputed or not paid by the Hirer’s insurers or where cover has been cancelled, lapsed or not been arranged.
6. ACCIDENT In the event accident or theft, Victoria Hire Limited is under no obligation to supply an alternative vehicle and all costs for the continuation of the journey are the responsibility of the Hirer. Hirer agrees to protect the interest of Victoria Hire Limited and Victoria Hire Limited insures by:(a) obtaining names and addresses of witnesses and parties involved;(b) not admitting liability or guilt;(c) not abandoning the Vehicle without safeguarding and securing it;(d) reporting details to Victoria Hire Limited by telephone, even if damage is minor;(e) promptly providing a detailed report and diagram;(f)  notifying the Police immediately if people are injured or another party’s guilt has to be ascertained.

Hirer must inform Victoria Hire Limited as soon as possible of any fault, loss of or damage to the Vehicle. In the case of a fault or damage which makes the Vehicle un-roadworthy, liable to cause danger to any person or property, or liable to cause further damage to the Vehicle with continued use, Hirer must not use the Vehicle until appropriate repairs have been carried out. When informed of any breakdown or other problem, Victoria Hire Limited will ensure that repairs are carried out promptly or will provide a suitable vehicle. Hirer is not authorised to affect any repairs above the value of £25.00 without Victoria Hire Limited prior consent.8. ROADWORTHINESS Victoria Hire Limited warrant that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the Vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for the purpose of renting at the start of the hire. Victoria Hire Limited shall not be liable for damages arising from defects or mechanical failures that are not attributable to any breach of this warranty or any warranty implied by law to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill. Victoria Hire Limited shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage. Nothing in these terms shall exclude or restrict Victoria Hire Limited liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence, or any other liability of Victoria Hire Limited that cannot be excluded as a matter of law. 9. LOST PROPERTY Victoria Hire Limited shall not be liable for loss of or damage to any property transported or left in the Vehicle. Hirer agrees to hold Victoria Hire Limited harmless and indemnify Victoria Hire Limited against all claims arising from such loss or damage. Hirer authorises Victoria Hire Limited to dispose of any property left in the Vehicle or on Victoria Hire Limited premises if not claimed within 7 days and agrees to pay the costs of such disposal.10.INDEMNITY OF HIRER FOR THIRD PARTY LIABILITY Hirer shall, at Victoria Hire Limited request and cost, do such things as may be reasonable required by Victoria Hire Limited to enforce any rights or obtain indemnity from other parties in respect of any loss of or damage to the Vehicle during the rental period.11. DATA PROTECTIONUnless Hirer states otherwise, Hirer agrees to let Victoria Hire Limited retain all personal information relating to this agreement and use it in the running of our business. If the Hirer fails to observe any of the terms of this agreement, Victoria Hire Limited have the right to pass any information to the Police, BVRLA, DVLA, or any other party listed on our Data Protection Register.12. TERMINATION

This agreement shall determine immediately if: (a) a receiving order is made against the Hirer; or (b) the Hirer calls a meeting of his creditors; or (c) any distress or execution is levied against any of the Hirer’s goods; or (d) the Hirer (being a company) goes-into liquidation; or (e) the Hirer fails to meet any of the terms of this agreement. In any of these events, the Hirer shall immediately return the Vehicle to Victoria Hire Limited, failing which Victoria Hire Limited will be free to retake possession of the Vehicle and all costs incurred as a result of such repossession shall be repaid to Victoria Hire Limited by the Hirer on demand. Any such determination shall not affect any of Victoria Hire Limited existing rights, whether for damages or otherwise.

13. CHARGES TO THIS AGREEMENT The rental period specified overleaf shall not be extended without Victoria Hire Limited express authorisation and in any event the period of this agreement shall not exceed 90 days. Any typographical, clerical or other error in any literature, price list or other document issued by Victoria Hire Limited shall be subject to correction without any liability whatsoever on the part of Victoria Hire Limited. Any additions or alterations to the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties. THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS FORM THE BASIS OF OUR CONTRACT WITH YOU. IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND OR AGREE TO, PLEASE SPEAK TO A MEMBER OF VICTORIA HIRE Limited STAFF

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